When it comes to the installation of new flooring, Milford, CT homeowners have two basic options: they can work with a reliable and honest company and get great results, or they can get conned and lose their money. While local police work hard to keep con artists out of business, they cannot stop all of them. At times, homeowners can lose a lot of money simply because they trusted someone they should not have trusted.
In a story published by The Patch, we learned just how expensive it can be when homeowners are tricked:

“Orange police say John Terlizzi, 45, of Linkfield Road in Watertown, surrendered himself at Orange Police headquarters last week after learning of a warrant for his arrest. The warrant stemmed from an incident in August of 2015, when a town resident hired a contractor and paid him $3,900 to do some renovation work, police said. The work was begun but never finished, police say.” 

Source: <a href="http://patch.com/connecticut/milford/s/fjj55/contractor-takes-3-900-but-doesnt-do-the-work-orange-police">Contractor Takes $3,900 But Doesn't Do the Work</a> by Brian McCready.
This is not an isolated case. Home repair frauds are taking place every day in America and that includes Milford and surrounding areas. The best way to avoid being taken by these cons is to work with reliable and trusted companies such as Floor Décor located in Orange, CT. Why? Because when it comes to quality flooring, Milford, CT residents have long been able to get professional flooring products and installation with this company.

In terms of fraud associated with new flooring, Milford, CT residents need to warned of two common cons. The first is when someone tries to sell directly to the homeowner what they call “remnant” flooring, or flooring products that they say are left over from another job. In this con, the homeowner is enticed by a super-low price. More often than not, the flooring that is being sold is of inferior quality and not worth even the low asking price. The second con is when so-called “installers” agree to install new flooring, again, for a low price, only to either never finish the work after getting a substantial payment or doing shoddy work and then leaving never to be seen again.

These are just two of the many ways that con artists try to cheat homeowners in and around Milford. Again, when it comes to flooring, Milford, CT residents should only work with trusted flooring companies who offer quality products, do professional installation work, and stand behind their products and services.