New flooring is generally the first thing the most homeowners think about when planning to remodel their home. Today, there is an amazing diversity of new flooring materials that will complement any interior design and provide aesthetic beauty, durability and long useable lifespan. When it comes to providing new flooring for Milford, CT homes, Floor Décor is the preferred source for any floor covering material. We carry a diverse selection of flooring products including carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic & porcelain tile, vinyl—and more. We also provide expert installation to the manufacturer’s specifications that will protect your manufacturer’s product warranty.
Floor Décor carries an extensive choice of new flooring for Milford, CT homes from leading manufacturers such as Armstrong, Shaw, Cambria, Fabrica, Kahrs, Mirage and more. You’ll be truly amazed at just how much today’s flooring materials have evolved to provide important benefits that were formerly unavailable. For example, there are carpets now that are almost 100% stain resistant; don’t trap dirt, mold, and allergens and have higher durability and greater longevity than they used to. Laminates can be had in designs that exactly replicate those of wood, natural stone and others, and can be obtained at far less cost than the materials they emulate. Hardwood is now on the market that offers nearly unlimited design possibilities that permits it to provide virtually any ‘look’ to complement and enhance any interior design that a homeowner prefers.

Our showroom in Orange, CT includes a very complete collection of actual samples of virtually every flooring material that you can review at your leisure, touch and feel. We can also give you much more information about our professional installation of flooring in Milford, CT homes. Perhaps equally important, we will explain why today’s new floor covering materials really deserve expert professional installation rather than do-it-yourself projects. 

If you would like to know more about flooring products or our remodeling services, phone us, email us or stop in at our Orange, CT showroom at your convenience to discuss your interest in new flooring in Milford, CT and other nearby communities with one of our friendly and experienced flooring specialists.