There comes a time when your beautiful wood floors may begin to fade or possibly scratch and you may be thinking that it is time to replace them. What if you learned that you could have beautiful wood floors once again without having to replace them and save money in the process? Residents are choosing to have their wood floors refinished in CT restored to the perfect floors they once were, and they are saving time and money in the process. The experts at Floor Décor know everything about hardwood flooring and can be trusted to refinish your floors quickly and efficiently.
Having hardwood floors in your Connecticut home is a valuable investment which is why it is important to take care of them properly by having them refinished about every 5 years or so. It is helpful to learn about the process in which your floors are refinished to ensure they are done properly whether they’re done by you or by professionals.

During the process of refinishing hardwood floors, floors are sanded down until imperfections are no longer visible. This step is a messy one and any left-over dust or debris needs to be cleaned up or else your new finish won’t take. Lastly, choose either a couple coats of a new finish to create a whole new look for your home or stick to the same finish you started with and have your wood floors looking brand new. Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is unforgiving work and even small mistakes will show which is why it is highly recommended to hire local professionals in CT for wood floor refinishing.

Give your Connecticut home a complete makeover by having your old hardwood floors refinished and watch your home transform into the elegant and sophisticated sanctuary you’ve always desired. Trust the helpful employees and Floor Décor in Orange, CT to get your wood floors back to their beautiful state.