Every hardwood floor will eventually lose some of its luster from continued foot traffic, accidents, active kids and pets, or other everyday occurrences. Scratches begin to appear; chips in the surface finish may retain dirt and residue left by cleaning products. All these things can contribute to making your floor’s finish look dull and dirty. However, homeowners in Orange, CT can choose to restore their flooring to its original shine, durability and longevity through inexpensive wood floor refinishing, a fast and effective process that avoids costly removal and replacement of your flooring.

​Homeowners will once again enjoy hardwood or wood flooring that delivers the aesthetic appearance it had when it was first put in place.  Floor Décor-CT can restore your hardwood or wood flooring with our proven wood floor refinishing methods. We provide fast and affordable service to homeowners in Orange, CT and other nearby communities. 

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Turns Back the Clock 

​We all will remember just how beautiful our new hardwood flooring looked when first installed. Well, it can look that way once more without emptying your wallet or bank account. Floor Décor in Orange CT offers technicians that are experienced and well qualified to breathe new life into lackluster floors. They do it by sanding away the damaged polyurethane surface finish and replacing it with a brand new coating. You can have the original finish exactly, or choose from a variety from high gloss to flat matte. This makes complementing your interior decor easy. When they are done, you’ll feel like you just stepped-back in time to the day your floor was first installed!

There’s much more to the wood floor refinishing process that the professionals at Floor Décor-CT will be happy to explain in detail. You’ll be amazed at just how affordable this wood floor refinishing can be!