If you live in Orange, CT and have been thinking of hiring a wood floor refinishing company, please consider Floor Décor. As a trusted flooring source in this area, we have a reputation of performing the best and most reliable wood floor refinishing work around. There are reasons for this.

Experience matters in wood floor refinishing:

Of all of the many types of flooring jobs there are, wood floor refinishing is one of the most demanding. It demands that those who are doing the work be highly trained and experienced if satisfactory results are desired.

Wood floor refinishing involves several important steps, and each of these steps must be performed correctly before moving onto the next. Any step that is not completely correctly can lead to a disastrous outcome that can be very costly to repair.

​Wood floor refinishing problem areas:

​Problems can arise anywhere along the process, but are most often found in these areas:

•    Improper use of stain removal solvents (when needed)
•    Improper sanding to remove old top coat
•    Improper stage sanding, using wrong grits of sandpaper
•    Improper sanding in corners and along baseboards
•    Improper application of new stain
•    And more.

It is a myth to think that “just anyone” can perform quality wood floor refinishing work. It takes training, experience, the right tools and equipment, and a dedication to excellence in order to get superior results. Floor Décor in Orange, CT can deliver all of this and more for those who need quality wood floor refinishing.

There is simply no reason for homeowners in and around Orange, CT to take a chance when it comes to their hardwood floors. Give us a call and we can detail how we do our wood flooring refinishing jobs and answer any questions that you may have about the process or our pricing.