Planks for the Memories!

It?s time. The flooring, you said you would replace almost a year ago in the man cave (or whatever other room you have been delaying repairs in) has fallen from shabby into the horror show category. You want something to make your space look beautiful, natural, and inviting, but at this point you just don?t have the fiscal might to spend on real hardwood floors, or even engineered wood flooring. You won?t accept cheap looking materials that will make you cringe with regret because you didn?t spend more money, and you really need a miracle. Now, your miracle is here for your New Haven home. Vinyl plank flooring is a monetarily friendly alternative and still looks and feels like real wood flooring.
Vinyl plank flooring is made of a solid vinyl core. It is constructed through a 3D printing process, so that the textures of real wood can be replicated on each plank. It is then given a high resolution digital image of the wood being emulated, and overlaid with a clear protective coating to protect the image and give the final product a natural looking polished finish. Unlike its wood counterparts, vinyl plank flooring is impervious to water. Therefore, it can be placed in areas where you wouldn?t normally place wood flooring, such as a finished basement, or even a bathroom.

In your home, whether you live in or outside of the New Haven area, vinyl plank flooring can be placed as a ?floating floor? meaning it doesn?t require adhesives or nails to set it in place. It can be installed as a click together product that uses tongue and groove construction to hold the pieces together. If for some reason you need to replace some damaged pieces later, you can do so without having to buy an entirely new floor. Simply remove a section of the flooring; it is simple to take up, replace the damaged section and then re-lay the flooring onto the sub floor.
Stop in at Floor D?cor, at our Orange, CT, showroom and let us help you bring your project to fruition. We are happy to be a part of your project and to have you as a satisfied customer.