We all know that you can find a great deal of carpeting in the best carpet stores in CT, but can you find unique forms of hardwood flooring at these same vendors? The answer, all too often, is no. Many flooring stores simply do not carry a great variety of wood flooring systems. That is not true at Floor Décor in Orange, CT. We have made it a point to keep up with hardwood flooring trends and styles, and that means we must also have the new products that are coming out in the wood flooring sector. One trend we have been following, is the increasing popularity of natural finished hardwood.

Natural finished hardwood flooring is normally seen on the traditional wood species of flooring (oak, walnut, maple, etc). One reason for this is that oils are used to bring out the natural grain and texture of the wood, and for most applications, the more traditional species look the best when oil is used. In contrast, other hardwood flooring uses urethane finishes, which are fine, by the way, and these are generally what you find in most carpet stores in CT.

As for trends, we do believe that more homeowners will be coming back to the traditional hardwoods, simply because they are timeless and classic. They are also one of the easiest flooring systems to work with when it comes to décor. Natural hardwood is available in all color ranges, and plank widths, and this makes it very easy to work with no matter what décor style the homeowner has in mind. Another benefit is that for those who may be thinking of selling the home in the future, having a traditional hardwood floor is something almost everyone (buyers, that is) can appreciate and enjoy.

If you are thinking of new wood flooring, and do not want to visit every carpet store in CT, come by Floor Décor in Orange, CT and see what we have available for you first.