Orange Connecticut snow predictions

Connecticut Weather Starting to Get Wicked Even Before Winter Arrives

Well, it seems as if Old Man Winter has made an early arrival in our state. The weather has turned bad, and it may stay that way for a while yet. While there may be some days of warmer temps, Orange, CT can expect more of what we have been seeing lately. One of the local weather reporting agencies put it this way:

?Saturday is still a couple of days away but the National Weather Service has released initial snowfall accumulation estimates, and it looks like this time the entire state of Connecticut will see snow on the ground by Saturday morning, but it?s not going to last.?


This kind of weather does damage to many items in our daily lives, including damage to parts of the home or business. One such area is flooring. With dirt, debris, salt, de-icing chemicals, and who knows what else being tracked onto flooring, damage is sure to occur. This is when knowing where the best carpet stores in CT are located can come in handy, and save you money as well.

It has been our experience that the more traffic a floor has to endure in this type of weather, the faster it will break down and show signs of damage. This is especially true with some types of flooring such as hardwood flooring and carpeting. Here is what we mean:

Hardwood flooring of any type (solid or engineered) can be scratched by small particles of dirt, rock salt, or stones that may be embedded on the bottom of shoes or boots. Wood flooring can also be damaged if pools of water are left standing, such as that which occurs when snowy or muddy boots are pulled off and left on the wood floors.

For carpet, the usual damage is deep-rooted staining that can be nearly impossible to get out. This can be especially severe if certain de-icing chemicals are tracked onto the carpet.

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