vinyl plank flooring - New Haven, CT

Many homeowners would love to have a real hardwood floor, but find that they cannot afford these systems. However, they can afford quality vinyl plank flooring. New Haven residents have a local source for vinyl plank flooring, and that source is Floor Décor.

You may not know it, but vinyl plank flooring is one of the most affordable flooring systems on the market today. These systems can be used in virtually any room of the home or business and are a great way to update an older, dated space. But, there are other benefits to these systems as well.

The vinyl plank flooring New Haven residents are seeking needs to be attractive as well as affordable. When you come into our store, you will find that we have a wonderful selection of flooring that will meet any décor desire that you may have. We have vinyl plank flooring in a variety of widths, which is needed if you want to make a particular decorating statement. With longer planks, you can easily recreate a hardwood flooring pattern that looks great in any room.

Many of our customers love the fact that vinyl plank flooring is easy to install, and they often choose to install their own flooring. Installation does not require a lot of tools, and it does not require any special skills. Simply read the instructions, follow them, be careful, and you can install your own flooring system in no time. These systems are generally of the peel-and-stick variety, so there is no need to mess with adhesives.

With vinyl plank flooring, New Haven homeowners can walk on the flooring right away. This is a great benefit to those who need access to their space, and cannot wait a day or longer for the new flooring to adhere to the sub-floor.   

For anyone who comes into our store in Orange, CT, a great selection awaits. You can find all types of vinyl flooring that looks like real wood, in a variety of species that are sure to please. You will also see that these systems are able to help muffle noise, while being soft and comfortable underfoot.

While there is much more to know about vinyl plank flooring New Haven residents have available to them, the best way to learn about these remarkable flooring systems is to stop by our Orange, CT showroom and let us show you why so many people are now choosing vinyl flooring.