New Haven Residents Getting Safe Drinking Water

Water Supply New Haven, CT

During this last year or so, many communities have become concerned over their drinking water, specifically if there is lead in the water. For those who live?in and around New Haven and get their water from the Lake Whitney Water?Treatment Plant, those concerns can be laid to rest. The water coming out of this plant meets, or exceeds, all safety levels. These same types of concerns?over various toxins found in the home have also?become an issue. At Floor D?cor,we understand these concerns and have the safe vinyl plank flooring New Haven?residents want and demand.

As for the water, we saw this story recently and it shows how professional the?treatment plant takes its responsibilities in this community.

?The?Lake Whitney Water Treatment Plant is a well-oiled machine, regularly bringing?in, filtering, treating, and pumping back out the drinking water for 55,000?people, often with only a couple of workers actually in the building overseeing?the whole process at any given time. The facility is relatively quiet, given?the task at hand, but on the upper floor in the control room, one can hear the?faint sound of water running.?

Source:Greater" class="redactor-linkify-object"> Haven?s water authority works 24/7 to keep lead, contaminants out of?drinking supply by Anna Bisaro.

That?running water is used to make routine tests, so plant operators can stay on top?of every gallon of water that leaves the plant. As for vinyl plank flooring,New Haven residents may have heard stories about noxious fumes coming out of?certain types of flooring systems. These stories are true, unfortunately, as government tests have shown that some flooring systems that are imported from?offshore manufacturers do emit fumes that can be unhealthy.

The?vinyl plank flooring systems that we sell do not produce fumes. It is safe and has?been thoroughly tested. Therefore, our customers can rest assured that they and?their families will never be exposed to unhealthy fumes when they buy their?vinyl plank flooring from us. We are dedicated to providing the best, safest flooring systems on the market. Our customers appreciate our efforts in this?regard, and we are proud to be able to provide this important service to them.

If?you are looking for new flooring that is environmentally safe for your home and?family, come by Floor D?cor and see the high quality vinyl plank flooring that New Haven homeowners want.