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The Best Carpet Stores in CT Have the Latest Trends

When you visit the best carpet stores in CT, such as Floor Decor in Orange, CT, you will find the hottest, newest trends in flooring systems. One of the most popular options are the new color tones in hardwood, including the incredible new lines of gray hardwood flooring. If you have been looking for something truly unique, stylish, and beautiful, you owe it to yourself to check out these new systems before you buy elsewhere.

Most homeowners are already familiar with the traditional color tones in hardwood. These include the dark, medium, and light wood species such as walnut, elm, pine, hickory, mahogany, and so forth. However, now, there are new color tones/colors on the market that can truly showcase a space in ways that traditional species cannot. These new colors are in the gray-scale, and, frankly, the only real way to appreciate how wonderful and interesting in appearance they are, is to see them in person.

In the past, the few options you had, even from the best carpet store in CT, in terms of gray wood flooring were nautical in nature. This was fine for many homeowners, but it simply could meet the needs of other homeowners. Now, you can find a wonderful selection of different options, including the new gray lines from Armstrong that present a sleek, industrial theme. These flooring systems are absolutely perfect for those who have a modern d?cor goal in mind.

Our line of hardwood flooring from companies such as Mohawk, Shaw Floors, and Armstrong, to name a few, is second to none, and these are the companies that are making great headway in producing new looks in wood flooring, such as the gray-scale lines. It can be truly said that never before have homeowners had such a huge number of wood flooring options as they have right now.

If you have been searching high and low for a new look for your home or business, come by our Orange, CT showroom and let us take you through the most amazing flooring systems on the market today. As one of the best carpet stores in CT, we have the flooring that you are looking for, and we have it at very competitive prices.