Vinyl Planks for New Haven Homes

Vinyl Flooring New Haven

Have you beenconsidering wood or natural stone floors for your home? If you love the look ofthese two flooring materials, but you are not quite willing to commit to one,then we have just what you are looking for. At Floor D?cor we offer great dealson top quality vinyl plank flooring for our New Haven homeowners. Vinyl plankflooring is an excellent option next to natural floor coverings such ashardwood and stone.

If you wantflooring for your New Haven home that is durable and reliable then vinyl plankflooring is what you need. Vinyl plank flooring is one of the few kinds offloor coverings that can be installed in any part of the house, basementsincluded. This is because they are extremely resistant to water and are mostlikely to survive accidents such as flooding. Vinyl plank flooring also standsup against high foot traffic without scratching or fading. This makes vinylplank the perfect flooring in the entree ways, kitchens or common rooms of yourNew Haven abode.

Theauthenticity of vinyl plank flooring is a major selling point for homeowners inNew Haven. There is a wide variety of wood designs that are cut into realisticplank shapes like you would see in real hardwood flooring. The same goes fornatural stone styles, which can be found in larger rectangular shapes and thetraditional squared tiles.

For a fraction of the price of real hardwood andstone floors, it is no wonder why vinyl plank flooring is growing in popularityso quickly. So if you think that vinyl plank flooring is just what your NewHaven home needs, then please come and visit us at Floor D?cor. Our showroom islocated in Orange, Connecticut and you can browse through our selection of topquality vinyl plank flooring at your convenience.