Floor Décor is known as one of the better carpet stores in CT, but did you know that we are also known as one of the best hardwood flooring stores in CT as well? This not just big talk; we can back it up in many ways, and one of those ways is our incredible selection of top-quality wood flooring, including those hard-to-find wood options such as natural oil finished hardwood.

If you have been looking for certain types of hardwood, you already know how challenging it can be to find those more unique wood options. Most flooring stores carry only “traditional” types of wood flooring. At Floor Décor in Orange, CT, we have made it a point to carry as many unique wood flooring options as possible. One of those options is natural oil finished hardwood, which is returning in popularity all over America.

Consumers may already know that most hardwood is either finished with a form of polyurethane, or some other substance, or unfinished (often found in solid hardwood flooring). For those who want a more antique looking floor, natural oil finishes are the perfect choice. While oil finished hardwood does have luster, it is less “shiny” than most other surfaces. And, this may be one reason you cannot find oil finished wood in most carpet stores in CT.

The good news, as mentioned above, is that Floor Décor in Orange, CT does carry oil finished hardwood, as well as other unique wood floors. These include hand-scraped, distressed, wide plank, and even the very light color tones that many homeowners are looking for today.

We have more than 300 different wood flooring options for homeowners, and more than 55 options for our commercial customers. These incredible hardwood flooring systems come from companies such as Bella Cera, Armstrong, Johnson Hardwood, Kahrs, and many others. All famous-name wood flooring producers.

If you want the best in hardwood flooring, come to one of the best carpet stores in Connecticut, Floor Décor in Orange, CT.