You?ll Plank Me Later

vinyl plank flooring New Haven, CT

Remodeling a new space can be exciting or daunting depending upon whether you are a glass is half full type of person. Either way, there is a lot of planning involved in creating the perfect space for you and your family. Most often, people take on such a project with a fair amount of money in their budget, and that can make the job easier thanks to the versatility of product that can be purchased. Sometimes, though, there are issues that arise that weren?t part of the original plan. When that happens, the budget usually shrinks, leaving you to scramble for alternatives.

Whether you were planning on using hardwood, natural stone or ceramic tile, you may have to find another material that will give you the look you want at a price you can afford. Welcome to the world of vinyl plank flooring! In New Haven homes, vinyl plank flooring is becoming the popular alternative to the usual wood, stone or ceramic. The reason for this is because vinyl plank flooring can replicate the looks of wood stone or ceramic for your New Haven home, at a fraction of the cost.

Vinyl plank flooring is made of virgin PVC at its core. This allows it to be virtually impervious to water and the staining and damage that can occur because of prolonged exposure to moisture that is found in other materials. The actual planks are created using a 3D printing process to emulate the textures of wood or stone. They are then overlaid with digital imaging to create a true to life representation of the materials copied. A wear layer is then placed over the image and the vinyl plank flooring is complete and ready to be installed in your New Haven home. The stunning visuals come at a budget friendly price, so those unforeseen issues can be fixed and your project will be on track once again.

At Floor D?cor we have a complete line of vinyl plank flooring for you to choose from. So come see us at our Orange CT, showroom and let us show you what vinyl plank flooring can do for you.