Giving Planks for Beautiful Floors

vinyl plank flooring

I was talkingto a friend who was looking for some flooring for his home that he recentlymoved into, and he was having trouble finding a product that had the looks anddurability he wanted at a price that wouldn?t crush his budget. He wasbeginning to think that he was expecting far too much and would have tosacrifice one of those requirements in order to be able to have new flooring.Then he was given a miracle: Vinyl plank flooring.

It was nosurprise to me that vinyl plank flooring was perfect for his New Haven home,because it offers so much in the way of beauty, while being affordable anddurable. It is created by using virgin PVC and 3D printing technology to createa textured plank. The textures imitate the feel of wood, or natural stone withgreat detail. In some cases you wouldn?t be able to tell the difference if youweren?t looking at the product. The textured plank is then overlaid with adigital image of the wood or stone being replicated, and then by a clear wearlayer that protects the image. Since the plank is made of PVC, it is completelyimpervious to water. Unlike wood or stone, water can?t penetrate the PVC andwon?t cause staining buckling or disintegration of the flooring if exposed.

Installationof vinyl plank flooring in your New Haven home is as simple as clickingtogether the planks and installing them as a floating floor or, they can beglued down to create a permanent placement. Since it is made to emulate othertypes of flooring that are cut from stone or wood, it is far less expensivethan the actual stone or wood, making it ideal to install?vinyl plank flooringin your New Haven home while staying within your budget.

At Floor?D?cor we have the qualified staff of professionals you need to guide you to the?vinyl plank flooring you need. Come to our Orange, CT, showroom and let us show?you how vinyl plank flooring will make your New Haven home warmer and more?beautiful.