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Hardwood refinishing


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Hardwood refinishing from floor decor design center

Hardwood floor refinishing is the fast and inexpensive choice to restore life and beauty to your hardwood floors. Consistent visitors to your home, rearranging furnishings, your dogs or cats running around, and weather factors can all make your floors look dull and get dinged up. House owners will enjoy friendly spectacular and option flooring that shine like brand-new once much more. Scratches start to appear. Chips in the finish collect dirt and cleaning product residue. The finish can begin to look dull and dirty. Floor Decor can restore your floor using our unique hardwood floor refinishing methods. We provide fast and affordable service to homeowners in Middletown & Orange, CT . Homeowners can enjoy friendly service and beautiful floors that shine like new again.


It is important to get technicians who are experienced to work on your floors. Too rough, and a sander will go straight through the finish and destroy the surface of your wood floor. Too gentle, and the dullness will remain because the finish cannot be reapplied the right way.All the members of our team have years of knowledge and experience with a variety of hardwoods.

Here's what you need to know:

When service begins, the room's doorways, windows, air vents, and electrical outlets must all be sealed. All furniture should be removed and put somewhere safe. Any permanent fixtures like ceiling fans or wall lights can be covered using plastic sheets and masking tapes.
If the area where your floors are being refinished need to be used (such as a kitchen or bathroom), plan for them to be off-limits. This could mean staying with friends or family or getting a hotel for the night.

To begin refinishing hardwood, our team will see what kind of finish you have. The same finish needs to be applied after sanding. This prevents damages and bad chemical reactions on your flooring. Depending on how worn the finish is and what type it is, the right sanding grain will be chosen.

The entire hardwood finish needs to be worn away to expose the face of the floor itself. After all of the old finish is worn off, our experts will apply a fresh layer. You can choose from a variety of finishes, from high gloss to flat matte. This makes matching your interior easy.

After the new finish is applied, stay out of the room. Any dust or movement across your newly finished wood floors can ruin the smooth surface. Dust can create ugly bubbles that need to be sanded down and refinished to go away. The chemical smell can also be strong, so the rest of your home should remain well ventilated and the work site should be left alone until the finish has dried completely.

Requesting Hardwood floor refinishing

You can call our team at any time during business hours or visit our website for convenient service. A consultant will be happy to help you with a free quote. Call us at (203) 403-6364 to set up an appointment and get more info on our hardwood floors refinishing service. Floor Decor CT is proud the serve the residents of Orange and the surrounding communities.