Floor Decor Can Restore Your Worn or Damaged Hardwood Flooring Through Fast, Affordable Wood Floor Refinishing in Connecticut

?Hardwood floor refinishing is the fast and inexpensive choice to bring back long life and beautiful appearance to your worn or damaged hardwood floors. Despite the fact that hardwood flooring has excellent durability, no product survives indefinitely without showing its age. Continual foot traffic, rearranging furnishings, active pets and weather factors, can all contribute to making your floors lose their luster, look dull and show scratches and gouges. Homeowners will be amazed at how wood floor refinishing in Connecticut has made their hardwood flooring shine like new once again.?

Floor D?cor in can restore your floor with our effective wood floor refinishing in Connecticut. We provide fast, affordable service for homeowners in Orange, CT. They receive friendly service and a beautiful floor that shines just as it did when it was first installed. ?

How the Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process Works

??Floor D?cor technicians are Connecticut State licensed, fully insured and have prior experience that qualifies them to work on your floors effectively. Basically, the process comes down to sanding away your old, dull hardwood surface coating and applying a brand new finish in its place. All the members of our refinishing team have many years of knowledge and experience for restoring hardwood floors of every type.?

All furniture should be removed and put somewhere safe. Permanent ceiling fans, wall light fixtures and AC outlets should be covered using plastic sheets and masking tape before our craftsmen arrive.

Keep in mind that if the room(s) where your floors are being refinished will need to be used (such as a kitchen or bathrooms), you should plan for them to be unavailable during the refinishing process. ?This may mean staying with friends or family, or renting a motel room for the night. However, our Floor D?cor technicians will do everything in their power to minimize the amount of inconvenience to your family members caused by their work.?

The first thing we will need to know is what kind of finish you have on your current floor, because the same finish needs to be put back on after the sanding has been completed. We use the same finish again, since this prevents damage and unwanted chemical reactions on your flooring. Our technicians will choose the proper sanding grain based upon what type of finish was used, and how badly worn it is.

The entire hardwood finish needs to be sanded off in order to expose the top of the wood floor. After 100% of the old finish is removed, our experts will apply a fresh layer. You can choose from a selection of available finishes, ranging from high gloss to a flat matte. The most common finish used on hardwood flooring is polyurethane. It will be a wise idea to stay away from the work area once it is completed until the finish has completely dried.

If you would like additional information about this process, phone us, email us or drop by at our showroom in Orange, CT to discuss your interest in wood floor refinishing in Connecticut with one of our remodeling consultants.

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