Residential Installation

Residential Installation near Milford, CT
Finding the right provider for your flooring installation can give you great long-lasting results. Customers can enjoy low prices and high quality service when they choose Floor Decor CT. Our high quality service includes ‘round-the-clock customer service, low-priced installation, and more. Requesting a service is as simple as sending a consultant a message or giving us a quick phone call any time during business hours.

Flooring installation is an important investment: homeowners spend upwards of $4,000 dollars in an average floor product sale. After spending that much, you want an affordable service that will protect your investment. Many products come with a factory warranty.

What Our Flooring Installation Includes

When you choose Floor Decor CT as your service provider, you get more than just installation. You also get:

Home Floor Inspection: Knowing the condition of your home and your subfloor allows us to give you the best results. We adjust our methods to fit with your home's needs. To do this, our experts inspect your floors before installation begins. Any repairs to the subfloor will be completed before service. After the service is complete, we will inspect your floors a second time to make sure there are no flaws. Your project is guaranteed to run smoothly.

Licensed and Insured Technicians: All of our installers have years of experience with a range of floor types. They are also licensed and insured up to state standards. They receive regular training so that their work is always top-notch. When you hire a company like Floor Decor CT you are ensuring that your floors are in capable hands.

Consultations In-Home: Have a busy schedule? No problem-- we can come to you. Having a consultant meet you in your own home offers unique benefits. For one, the consultant can actually see the size and condition of your floor space. They can make detailed suggestions based on your individual home. You also have the freedom to schedule appointments at a time that works for you.

Maintenance Planning: Our installers can give you great tips on how to care for your floors in the future. This can include professional cleanings, sealers, stain cleaners, and more. Knowing how to care for your floors can extend the life of your investment. This saves you money and time in the future. You can keep your floors looking great and prevent damages from occurring with the right care plan.

Call Floor Decor CT for Flooring Installation

We are happy to visit any customers' homes in Orange, CT and offer great service for less. All it takes is filling out our quick request form on our website or a phone call to our store. Call (203) 403-6364 or contact us online for the best local flooring installation service.

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