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What are in-home measurements

In-home measurements are used to calculate the length and width of your home, or a particular room, to determine the square footage. This is necessary when you carpet your house or lay tile, for example. Many homes are not completely square or rectangular, which can complicate the process. There are many reasons why should you hire Floor Decor for in-home measurements.

Most people don't think about measuring their home until it is time to sell or renovate. Like anything in life, this skill can become rusty without practice and can lead to errors that cost you time and money. This is why should you hire a professional from Floor Decor for in-home measurements.

Reduce your liability

Real Estate is one industry where having the correct in-home measurement is crucial because it largely determines the sale price of the home. If the in-home measurement is incorrect it can delay or end the transaction. As a homeowner, it is important to limit your liability by hiring a professional.



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Avoid unnecessary cost and wasted time

"Do-It-Yourself" projects are a great way to improve the value of your home but only if they are done correctly. A simple miscalculation can result in too many or not enough materials. Hire us to conduct the in-home measurement and avoid the hassle and expense.

Are there disadvantages to hiring an in-home measurement professional?

There is a cost associated with hiring a professional to measure your home, but this does not have to be a deal breaker. Do your homework. Find a vendor you have confidence in and work their quote into your budget.

Now you have no reason to ask "what is in home measurements?" or why you need them. There are many reasons why you hire a professional for in-home measurements. As a homeowner, you will not be liable for an incorrect measurement. A skilled professional is less likely to measure incorrectly, which saves you time and money.