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What is the one thing that all customers want? More options and better prices. That is why the experts at Floor Decor offer both to residents in the Orange, CT area! We have the lowest prices on high quality carpet binding service locally. Not only will you save money, but you are also guaranteed great results. Now you can take those old carpet remnants you've had in the storage closet or garage and make use of them. Carpet binding offers you a number of new design opportunities and a way to save money. It is also better for the environment. Best of all, this service will cost you little and it can be finished fast. Learn more about carpet binding below.

"So, what is it?"

Carpet binding uses a special binding tape to "seal" the rough, unwoven edges of carpet. The binding tape is attached to your piece of flooring with a high-powered sewing machine. There are a number of different stitch and binding tape options for customers to choose from.This can be done to any size carpet remnant and works on a number of textures and materials. Technically, any homeowner can buy binding tape and attempt to do this themselves. However, the seal is unlikely to hold without professional tools. The seam can also look messy when it is applied by unskilled hands. The best option is to choose a professional service provider for your carpet binding service.



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What are my carpet binding options?

Color: Choose the color of your binding tape. You can pick a color that matches your carpet remnant, or one that is a bright contrast to it. This gives your carpet a polished, finished look, or a refreshing pop of color. Look at your interior design and decide which is best for you. Style: You may want something simple, or something decorative. Perhaps you just want a simple finished edge to keep your carpet from unraveling. Maybe you prefer a more lavish binding tape with tassels to dress up your room. Keep in mind that tassels will attract pets who like to play or may snag in high traffic areas. More decorative styles may be best suited in moderate to low traffic areas, like bedrooms or home offices. Size and shape: Choose the size of your new area rug. We can alter the shape, length, and width of your carpet remnant to fit whatever space you are decorating. For example, a hallway might need two carpet remnants connected to create a long, thin floor covering. A doorway might need a rug that is short and wide. A carpet remnant that you want to turn into a rug for a sharp corner might need to be trimmed to fit around a countertop. Whatever your needs are, we can help.

Requesting carpet binding

Carpet binding is a way to reuse your old carpet remnants and save money on a new area rug. Call Floor Decor CT for affordable and fast service for your home in. Get a free quote and fast delivery when you choose our professional team.
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