Vinyl Plank Flooring invades New Haven

Finding an affordable flooring material that is beautiful and durable can be a challenge. That is why homeowners in New Haven are so excited to have discovered vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl plank flooring is an amazing way to give your home the look of natural wood flooring for a fraction of the price. These elegant floors are made to last and to give your home the sophisticated and comforting aesthetic that you crave. Floor D?cor has set up an excellent showroom in Orange, Connecticut to show off our extremely large collection of vinyl plank flooring samples.?
What sets these vinyl floors apart from all the rest is their unique shape. ?Vinyl floors are cut into planks to give your New Haven home the look of natural hardwood floors. Even a flooring expert would have a hard time deciphering the difference between the two. Your neighbors are sure to be envious of your beautiful vinyl plank floors, and their mouths will drop when you tell them the amazing deal you got on them.
Vinyl plank flooring is visually appealing, and it is also fundamentally reliable. It can stand up against heavy impacts and scratches and is also water resistant. An added bonus is that these floors do not harbor any of those pesky allergens that can get trapped in your home. If you are like the majority of New Haven residents that have very busy households, then you will appreciate the low maintenance feature of vinyl plank flooring. Take either a vacuum or a broom to your floors to remove any dust or dirt and then simply take a wet mop to it.

Do this on a weekly basis and your floors will be beautiful and clean for years. If you are interested in learning more about how your home in New Haven will benefit from these wonderful vinyl plank floors, then head over to Floor D?cor and check out what we have to offer!
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