Vinyl plank flooring in New Haven is not only affordable and durable, but also offers fabulous design capabilities. It's replication of other flooring types including wood, stone and tile, comes in a plethora of colors and tones to accentuate any design. At Floor Décor we have a staff of skilled professionals who can guide you through the process of designing your perfect space.
Vinyl plank flooring for your New Haven home doesn't have to be a traditional wood or stone look alone. Vinyl plank flooring is versatile enough to be mixed with other products as well. For example, a stone look mixed with a metal inlay can be an attractive alternative to stone alone. Vinyl plank flooring exactly duplicates the amazing beauty of travertine, marble, slate, and any exotic or domestic wood. It is warm and comfortable to walk on, even in bare feet, and in plank format allows for even more realism to a wood floor look. Vinyl flooring is a versatile product that more consumers are drawn toward in today's marketplace. It offers products in just about every style and color. Do you want a dark mahogany wood floor ‘look’ in your room? Vinyl plank flooring has it. New Haven homes will certainly benefit from its many looks. 

The versatility of vinyl plank flooring in your New Haven home is a welcomed addition to the overall design of the living space in which it is installed. Unlike its more permanent counterparts, vinyl plank can be placed as a “click together” or “floating floor” meaning that if you should wish to replace the floors at a later date, they will be far easier to remove than a floor that is glued down or nailed in place. At Floor Décor, we have the professionals who can ensure that your floor is installed to factory specifications.

This will protect your warranties and keep your floors looking and feeling like new while enhancing your room for many years to come. The choice of vinyl plank flooring in your New Haven home can complement your new or existing interior décor, and provide durability, while being easier on your wallet as well.