vinyl plank flooring

Sometimes in our lives we have to make decisions that we dread. It may be as simple as choosing the Carmel Macchiato in Venti, or Grande size, or as complicated as which financial planner to use for your retirement account. No matter what the decision may be, we want to have a bit of flexibility within the process to make our lives a little easier once the decision is made. 

Flooring doesn’t seem like it would be a really tough decision to make. You find something that you like, and that will fit with the rest of the design elements in the room, then have it installed. Sometimes that decision isn’t so cut and dried. There are other factors that can make a decision more complicated. If the floor is being replaced because of water damage, then you have to make sure that the next flooring you choose handles moisture well. You may wish to keep the same flooring look, but you don’t want it to be glued in place. There is a flooring alternative that suits you perfectly.

Vinyl plank flooring for your New Haven home gives you versatility and durability along with ease of installation and moisture resistance. Vinyl plank flooring in New Haven can look like stone or wood and it is made of plastic, either virgin PVC or hardened vinyl. This allows it to be completely impervious to water damage. Since the plastic is formed using 3D printing technology, it can emulate the textures and subtle inconsistencies of a natural material with great detail. Add digital imaging technology to form the visual layer, and you have stunning vinyl plank flooring for your New Haven home.

At Floor Décor we have a wide variety of vinyl plank flooring to serve New Haven homeowners in their design quests. Come see us at our Orange, CT showroom and let us introduce you to the world of vinyl plank flooring. You will be pleasantly surprised at the versatility and affordability of vinyl plank flooring for your New Haven home. You’ll be glad you stopped by.