The New Vinyl

It used to be that when you went to buy vinyl flooring, you would get it on a sheet or roll to place on your flooring and usually glue it down. It was often available in a limited color palette with a limited number of designs, as arranged geometric patterns and floral designs, or a combination of the two. That is no longer the norm when it comes to vinyl flooring.
Vinyl flooring has evolved into a multi-faceted design element that will complement any room through the emulation of natural stone, wood and tile. Vinyl plank flooring in New Haven has become a must for budget conscious consumers who still want to have the look of elegance.

Vinyl plank flooring in your New Haven home has a look and feel like no other vinyl product before it. It is made through a 3D printing process that allows the manufacturer to give it the bumps and ridges of natural stone; the gentle flow of wood grain; or the geometric lines of a textured tile; while using digital imaging technologies to create the actual aesthetics of the product being reproduced.

Vinyl plank flooring in your new haven home can be installed as either a floating floor through snap together tongue and groove design, or through the use of adhesives. Since it is made from virgin PVC at its core, it is impervious to water. This makes cleanup as easy as using a mop.

At Floor D?cor, we have the knowledgeable staff to help you to decide which style of vinyl plank flooring you?ll want for your New Haven home. We can educate you on the pricing and installation process, as well as help you to decide which installation type you will want for your living space. We have professional installers who are well versed in the manufacturer?s specifications for installation so that they can make sure you flooring is installed properly to protect your warranties. We have a showroom in Orange, CT, where we can show you actual samples of your flooring to help you make the right choices to reflect your personal style.

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